Meet The Team

Jon Doe

Jon Doe

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

Jon Doe

Jon Doe

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

Jon Doe

Jon Doe

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.

Jon Doe

Jon Doe

I’m a paragraph. Double click me or click Edit Text, it's easy.


Head of Operations

Before moving to Israel Amanda was the manager of classic bakery Rittorno in Stockholm. But now she is spreading her positive spirit at FIKA instead!

Favorite fika: Vegan Cardamom bun



Avi and his team delivers from the bakery to our branches and customers. Since he joined us he became punctual as a Swede.

Favorite fika: Coconut mountain


Store manager

Raised in Israel by two Swedish parents, Beni was looking for his roots and found them at FIKA.

Favorite fika: Cinnamon bun


Kitchen Manager

Our Saba-FIKA is a restaurant-veteran from Sweden, made Aliyah to Israel with his wife Galina. 

Favorite fika: Danish Rye bread


Store Manager

Born in Stockholm, raised in Tel Aviv. Still around since the early days of FIKA. And still managing our Namal stand when she is not off to save the enviroment and the world.

Favorite fika: Pistachio Bun



Tez has a long history in the hospitality business. He is an autodidact bread baker and treats the doughs as if they were his own babies. With a nephew living in Sweden makes Tez practically a real viking!

Favorite fika: Gotland Bread



Despite her intensive passion for vikings and Swedish history, Emelie left Stockholm for Tel Aviv. Emelie has a degree in practical philosophy, so take the opportunity to have a chat about Kant's standpoint on ethics and metaphysics while ordering a cafe hafuch! 

Favorite fika: Cardamom bun


Store Manager

Working her whole adult life in the restaurant industry in Sweden. Lucky for us she made Aliyah a couple of years ago!

Favorite fika: Gingerbread cookie


Head Baker

Mattias has been one of Sweden's top bakers for the past 25 years. As a member of the Swedish national baking team he has brought home numerous international prizes to Sweden.  A fanatic fan of Hammarby IF, aka Bajen. Since mid 2021 he is the head baker of FIKA.

Favorite fika: Rye bread


Cold buffet manageress

Born in Lithuania. Lived in London for 7 years working in top-kitchens. Now doing magic in FIKA's kitchen.

Favorite fika: Smörrebröd


Founder/ CEO

One morning Michael woke up and decided to swap the TV-camera to a rolling-pin. And thus FIKA was born.

Favorite fika: Cardamom bun


Pastry Chef

Twists a bun at lightning speed. Self-thought pastry chef that can beat the **** out of a Swedish pastry chef any day any time.

Favorite fika: Cinnamon bun


Pastry Chef

Straight from pastry school Bishulim to FIKA and is learning the Swedish baking techniques is record speed. Anat is not only a skilled chef, but also a great person with a huge heart.

Favorite fika: Semla



Experienced Barista, who has been working in some of the best places in Tel Aviv.  Roni claims to have kinship to the Swedish royal family Bernadotte. We didn't believe him at first. But his natural relationship to Swedish pastries convinced us.

Favorite fika: Mums-mums



Former manager at Swedish coffee giant Löfbergs. Made Aliyah to Israel and is also a personal trainer with a fablaisse for health shots.  

Favorite fika: Vacuum cleaner


Night baker

The first to come to FIKA every morning. With out him, no bread, no pastries.

Favorite fika: Emmer sourdough 



Tusia made aliya from Sweden in the 70's. She left a life long career at Teva to join us. She drives a stick like Schumacher and takes care of our Jerusalem pop-up.

Favorite fika: Chokladbiskvi



The hero of FIKA. Never misses a work day. Makes sure that our bakery is clean and organized every day.

Favorite fika: Saffron bun